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Meet the Team

Meet our veterinary team that will provide you with amazing care, plus information to help keep your pet happy and healthy. 


Cheryl Ann Graybush, DVM

Chief of Staff
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Catherine Duval

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Support Staff

Portrait of Katrina Carpenter

Katrina Carpenter

Hospital Manager

Portrait of Rebecca Simonton

Rebecca Simonton

Assistant Hospital Manager

Portrait of Cassandra Rohling

Cassandra Rohling

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Portrait of Jessica Sutphin

Jessica Sutphin

Veterinary Technician

Portrait of Katelyn Alfred

Katelyn Alfred

Veterinary Assistant

Portrait of Kaitlyn Butler

Kaitlyn Butler

Veterinary Assistant

Portrait of Miranda Jackson

Miranda Jackson

Client Care Specialist/Receptionist

Portrait of Lynn Whitmore

Lynn Whitmore

Client Care Specialist/Receptionist

Portrait of Kailey Woodcock

Kailey Woodcock

Pet Care Attendant

Portrait of Heather King

Heather King

Maintenance / Cleaner